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Freethought Festival 7
with audio & video links

Friday March 16, 2018

Time Speaker Talk Title Links
5:00 PM Emily Pyszora Introduction to AHA
5:45 PM Joe Elder World Religions and LGBTQ Issues
6:45 PM Natalie Newell From Skepticism 101 to Science Moms
7:45 PM Sikivu Hutchinson Black Feminism and Freethought
8:45 PM Daniel Whiteson What does Science Know?

Saturday March 17, 2018

Time Speaker Talk Title                     Links
12:00 PM Debbie Goddard Citizen Skeptic
1:00 PM Candace Gorham Guilt, Shame, and Psychological Pain
2:00 PM Anthony B. Pinn Humanism and the Challenge of Race
3:00 PM Vivienne Anderson Jesus F*cking Christ
4:00 PM Steven Landsburg Truth, Provability and the Fabric of the Universe
5-6:30 PM Dinner
6:30 PM Abby Hafer Everything You Know About Sex is Wrong
7:30 PM Lucien Greaves Ending Pseudoscience & Theocracy: Grey Faction
and The Satanic Temple
8:30 PM Stewart Huff A Comedy Show

Freethought Festival 7 speaker bios and more

Earlier Freethought Festivals

Freethought Festival 6
March 3-4, 2017
Nicole Niebler - Introduction to AHA
Matt Wilbourn - Reject My Donation? GoFund Yourself!
Karen Garst - The Snake: From Goddess to Satan to Doctor
Brian Babylon - Comedy Routine
Miri Mogilevsky - Why Kindergartners Need Sex Ed
J.T. Snipes - Ain't I Black Too? Counterstories of Black Atheists in College
Rebecca Hensler - Grief Beyond Belief
Kater Murch - The arrow of time in quantum mechanics
Greta Christina - Why are You Atheists so Angry?
Marie Schaub - A Monumental Struggle
Lindsey Doe - Sexplanations Live
Bronston Jones - God Bless 'Merica... it'll take a miracle to fix it. A Comedy Show

Freethought Festival 5
April 8-9, 2016
James Randi | Eugenie Scott
Howard Schweiber | Andrew Seidel | Charles Cohen | Pete Zupan
Faisal Mutar | Heina Dadabhoy | Indre Viskontas | Katie Klabusich
Tommy Nugent | Frank Feldman and Dan Beecher

Freethought Festival 4
March 13-15, 2015
Susan Jacoby | Lindsey Doe
Ed Brayton | Andrew Seidel | Patrick Elliott
James Croft | Heina Dadabhoy | Candace Gorham | Debbie Goddard
Tommy Nugent | Jamie Kilstein

Freethought Festival 3
April 11-12, 2014
Dan Savage
Dan Barker vs. Matt Slick Debate - "Does God Exist?"
Hemant Mehta | Annie Laurie Gaylor | Dale McGowan
FTF3 also featured Jamie Kilstein, and Jay Rosenstein.

Freethought Festival 2
March 8-10, 2013
Dan Barker | JT Eberhard | Eugenie Scott
Atheist Pride Parade!
Annie Laurie Gaylor | Andrew Seidel | Greta Christina
Hemant Mehta | Darrel Ray | Amanda Knief | Dale McGowan
Chris Calvey | Jesse Galef | Debbie Goddard
Desiree Schell | Katherine Stewart | Kathy Goodman

Freethought Festival 1
April 27-29, 2012
Matt Dillahunty | Richard Carrier | PZ Myers | Sean Faircloth
Ellery Schempp | JT Eberhard | Hemant Mehta | Darrel Ray
Annie Laurie Gaylor | Andrew Seidel | Dale McGowan | Veronica Drantz
Chris Calvey | Elliott Sober | Valerie Tarico | DJ Grothe
Phil Ferguson | Lyz Liddell | James Croft | Alix Jules